Book Reviews

Square Halo Conference

Return to Narnia
The primary theme for the conference this year was "A Return To Narnia" and indeed it was just that.

Pilgrim Year

Steve Bell
Page, Nick - Pilgrim Year
Canadian Steve Bell brings the same sensibilities found in his music to his writing: truth, wisdom, beauty, maturity, creativity, empathy, compassion and challenge. He writes like a skillful poet (Psalm 45:1). Speaking of poetry, readers will find more than a little here. In addition to Bell’s song lyrics, his friend Malcolm Guite’s poems and thoughts frequently add to the reflections.

The Badly Behaved Bible

Nick Page
Page, Nick - The Badly Behaved Bible
I wish Nick Page taught me history at school. The self-described “unlicensed historian, applied ranter and general information-monger” is like a mate who nudges you in the ribs and asks mischievously, “Hey, did you know...?”