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Top 10 for October 2003

The results are tabulated from the October 2003 Phantom Tollbooth Top 10 survey, and a tremendous amount of votes were cast for Testimony by Neal Morse to firmly place it in the top slot! Starflyer 59 and Bill Mallonee remain at numbers two and three with Old and Perfumed Letter, and Mallonee's Fetal Position makes a re-entry to chart at number six. The late Johnny Cash's fourth American Recordings' project, The Man Comes Around, moves up three notches, and Nazarene Crying Towel by Lost Dogs re-enters the Top 10 at number seven. There's a three-way tie for number eight, including first-time charting Stumble into Grace from Emmylou Harris. Remember to vote in the November survey, and here are the results of the October 2003 survey:

1. Neal Morse - Testimony
2. Starflyer 59 - Old
3. Bill Mallonee - Perfumed Letter
4. Over the Rhine - Ohio
5. Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around
6. Bill Mallonee - Fetal Position
7. Lost Dogs - Nazarene Crying Towel
8. Steve Delopoulos - Me Died Blue
8. Emmylou Harris - Stumble into Grace
8. Pedro the Lion - Control

Blindside - Silence
John Mayer - Heavier Things
Bruce Cockburn - You've Never Seen Everything
Jeff Buckley - Grace
Ticklepenny Corner - 7 Years Bad Luck


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