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Top 10 for November 2003

The results are tabulated from the November 2003 Phantom Tollbooth Top 10 survey -- or is this one a "Top 11"? There are not one or two but *three* ties, including a three-way time for the seventh slot. And therefore . . . there are several titles to see for this month's Top 10! Holding steady with another whopping amount of votes is Neal Morse's Testimony, and the only other returnees within the Top 10 from the October survey include Starflyer 59's Old,Over the Rhine's Ohio and Bill Mallonee's Perfumed Letter. Bruce Cockburn's You've Never Seen Everything moves from last month's runners-up to a tie for number ten. Other new entries to this Top 10 are from Dream Theater, Jars of Clay, P.O.D., Yellow Matter Custard, The Violet Burning, and Warren Zevon (posthumous The Wind). There are plenty of runners-up worth listing, as well. Remember to vote in the December 2003 survey, and here are the results of the November 2003 

1. Neal Morse - Testimony
2. Dream Theater - Train of Thought
3. Jars of Clay - Who We Are Instead
4. Over the Rhine - Ohio
5. P.O.D. - Payable On Death
5. Yellow Matter Custard - One Night in New York City
7. Starflyer 59 - Old
7. The Violet Burning - This is the Moment
7. Warren Zevon - The Wind
10. Bill Mallonee - Perfumed Letter
10. Bruce Cockburn - You've Never Seen Everything

Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
Josh Rouse - 1972
A Perfect Circle - The Thirteenth Step
Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall
Lost Dogs - Nazarene Crying Towel
MxPx - Before Everything and After
Shane and Shane - Carry Away


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