The Phantom Tollbooth
Top Metal Albums

What our readers are listening to:

 Top Ten Metal Albums:

 1.)     King's X: Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
 2.)     Tourniquet: Psycho Surgery
 3.)     Dream Theater: Images & Words
 4.)     King's X: Dogman
 5.)     Galactic Cowboys: Space in Your Face
 6.)     King's X: Faith Hope Love
 7.)     Living Sacrifice: Reborn
 7.)     Tourniquet: Stop the Bleeding
 7.)     Zao: Where Blood & Fire Bring Rest
 8.)     Galactic Cowboys: Galactic Cowboys
 9.)     Galactic Cowboys:  At the End of the Day
 9.)     Tourniquet: Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance
 10.)   Embodyment: Embrace the Eternal     

Other bands that received votes were:
Antestor, Ashen Mortality, Atomic Opera, The Awful Truth, Barren Cross, Believer,  Bloodgood, Bride, Disciple, Detritus, Deliverance, Echolyn, Eso-Charis, Eternal Decision, Ethereal Scourge, Extol, Focal Point, Grammatrain, Holy Soldier, Jerusalem, Jet Circus, Klank, Kohllapse, Mastedon,  Metallica, Mortification, Motorphyscho, Narnia, Paramaecium, Petra, Precious  Death, Rackets & Drapes, Sacred Warrior, Savior Machine, Schaliach, Seventh Angel, Stavesacre, Stryper, Tamplin & Friends, Teramaze , Torman Maxt, Trouble, Veni Domine, Vengeance Rising, Warlord, Whitecross, and Whiteheart.