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Top 10 for May 2002

Pedro the Lion's Control moved decisively to the number one spot in The Phantom Tollbooth's May 2002 survey after making its debut at number three in last month's poll. Jars of Clay's The Eleventh Hour tocks in at a strong number three, and The Jelly Jam remains at number four. Pillar is a hot ticket at the moment, with Fireproof debuting at number two and Above as a part of a tie. Ties? There are two! Along with Above, Further Seems Forever's The Moon is Down and P.O.D.'s Satellite are deadlocked for number six, as well as Daniel Amos' Mr. Beuchner's Dream and The Violet Burning's I Am a Stranger in This Place for number ten (hence, there are eleven titles in the survey). Slipping out of the survey are Five Iron Frenzy, Newsboys, Relient K, Slick Shoes and Creed. Here are the results from the May Phantom Tollbooth survey:

1. Pedro the Lion  Control
2. Pillar   Fireproof
3. Jars of Clay   The Eleventh Hour
4. The Jelly Jam  The Jelly Jam
5. Weezer   Maladroit
6. Further Seems Forever The Moon is Down
6. Pillar   Above
6. P.O.D.   Satellite
9. Ty Tabor   Safety
10. Daniel Amos   Mr. Beuchner's Dream
10. The Violet Burning  I Am a Stranger in This Place

Pax 217   Engage
TwoThirtyEight   Regulate the Chemicals
Dashboard Confessional  Summer Kiss [EP]
U2    Pop


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