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Top 10 for May 2001

Here are the results of the May 2001 survey: 

 1.  Over the Rhine - Films for Radio  
 2.  77s - A Golden Field of Radioactive Crows  
 3.  Weezer - Green Album 
 4.  Mitch McVicker - Chasing the Horizon  
 4.  U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind 
 6.  Waterdeep - You Are So Good To Me  
 7.  Chagall Guevara - s/t 
 7.  Rick Altizer - Go Nova
 9.  Radiohead - Kid A 
10.  Coldplay - Parachutes 


Glen Phillips - Abulum 
O Brother, Where Art Thou - Soundtrack  
Dashboard Confessional - The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most 
Adam Again - Live Tribute - Cornerstone 2000 
King's X - Please Come Home Mr. Bulbous


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