The Phantom Tollbooth
June 1999 Top Ten

What our readers are listening to:

June was a Ska, Ska, Ska, Ska Month on our Top 10 List!

1.)  Five Irony Frenzy:  Quantity is Job 1
2.)  Insyderz:  Fight of My Life:
3.)  Switchfoot:  New Way to be Human
4.)  All Star United:  International Anthems for the Human Race
5.)  The W's:  Fourth from the Last
6.)  Burlap to Cashmere: Anybody Out There?
6.)  The OC Supertones:  Chase the Sun 
7.)  Galactic Cowboys: At the End of the Day
8.)  Caedmon's Call:  40 Acres
8.)  Chasing Furies: With Abandon
9.)  Sonic Flood: Sonic Flood
10.) Puller: Closer Than You Think
11.) Deliriou5?:  Mezzamorphis
11.) Delirou5?:  King of Fools
11.) The Police:  Greatest Hits
12.) Pedro the Lion:  It's Hard to Find a Friend
12.) Poor Old Lu:  Chrono (Greatest Hits)

Other Horn-Heavy Albums that received votes included:
 Bob:  It's a Ska, Ska, Ska, Ska, World
 Deluxtone Rockets: Deluxtone Rockets
 Five Irony Frenzy: Our Newest Album Ever
 Insyderz: Skallelulia
 Mighty Sam McClain: Soul Survivor - Greatest Hits
 O.C. Supertones:  Supertones Strikes Back 
 Brian Setzer Orchestra: Guitar Slinger
 Silage: Vegas Car Crashers
 O.C. Supertones:  Supertones Strikes Back