The Phantom Tollbooth
January 1999 Top Ten

What our readers are listening to:

  1.  Burlap to Cashmere: Anybody Out There? (By more than twice the votes for #2)
  2. dc Talk: Supernatural
  3. Five Irony Frenzy: Our Newest Album Ever
  4. Rebecca St. James: Pray
  5. Blindside: Blindside
  6. Deliriou5: King of Fools
  7. MxPx: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
  8. Vigilantes of Love: Live at the 40 Watt
  9. The W's: Fourth from the Last
  10. Extol: Burial

For this month's random polling fact, the following bands or artists had fans and listeners voting for two or more albums: