January 1998 Top Ten
What you our readers are listening to: 
1.Sixpence None the Richer  - s/t  
2.Fold Zandure - UltraForever  
3.Supertones - Supertones Strike Back  
4.Blindside - Blindside  
5.Model Engine - The Lean Years Tradition  
6.Stavesacre - Absolutes  
7.Zao- The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation  
7.Ghoti-Hook - Banana Man  
7.Five Iron Frenzy - Our Newest Album Ever  
8.Jars of Clay - Jars of Clay  
9. Rose Blossom Punch - Ephemere  
9.Saviour Machine - Legend - Part 1  
9. Newsboys - Take Me to Your Leader  
9.Aleixa - Honey Lake  
10.Jars of Clay - Much Afraid  
10.Five Iron Frenzy - Upbeats and Beatdowns  
10.Supertones - Adventures of the OC Supertones 

Tabulated by John V