The Phantom Tollbooth
Top Indie Albums of 1998
Here are the results of our poll for the Best Indie Albums of 1998:
1.)Vigilantes of Love: To the Roof of the Sky
2.) Filet of Soul: Incommunicado
3.) Pegtop: Run, Run
4.) Elysian Skies: Exquisite Whisper
5.) Terry Taylor: John Wayne
6.) Mitch McVicker: Mitch McVicker
7.) Vigilantes of Love: Live at the 40 Watt
8.) Violet Burning: Demonstrates Plastic & Elastic
9.) Harrod & Funck: Live
10.) Skatman Meredith: The Garden
11.) Mighty Sam McClain: Journey
12.) Prayer Chain: So Close...Yet So Far
13.) Terry Taylor: Meat the Farm Beatles
14.) Aunt Bettys: Ford Supersonic
14.) Pedro the Lion: It's Hard to Find a Friend
16.) Rackets & Drapes: Candyland
Five way tie:
17.) Estis P@rc: Sometimes Not
17.) Justin Dillon Stevens: Mello Dramatica
17.) Hansi Haas: Hansi Haas
17.) Indie (Christian Radio Comp)
17.) Tellus: On the Surface

Because the Phantom Tollbooth believes strongly in supporting Indie artists, honorable mention goes to the following albums that also received votes!