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Top 10 for December 2002

The Phantom Tollbooth Top Ten had a few shifts, two ties, new entries and one Christmas project in the December survey. Up five notches to a commanding number one vote-getter is Chevelle's Wonder What's Next, and last month's number one entry, Blindside's Silence, slipped into the runners-up category. Falling out of the top ten are Lifehouse, Spock's Beard, U2, David Meece, Coldplay, and Dave Matthews Band; and new entries are Kutless, Flaming Lips, Joy Electric, Undercover, and Bon Voyage. Project 86 and Relient K made re-entries into the top ten, and the City on a Hill: It's Christmas Time Christmas various artists project was in a three-way tie for number five with Project 86 and Sixpence. Remember to vote in the January 2003 survey, and here are the results from the December 2002 top ten survey.

1. Chevelle - Wonder What's Next
2. Kutless - Kutless
2. The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
4. Joy Electric - The Art and Craft of Popular Music
5. Project 86 - Truthless Heroes
5. Sixpence None the Richer - Divine Discontent
5. Various Artists - City On a Hill: It's Christmas Time
8. Relient K - The Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek
9. Undercover - I Rose Falling
10. Bon Voyage - The Right Amount

East West - The Light in Guenevere's Garden
PAX 217 -  Engage
Sigur Ros -  ( )
KJ-52 -  Collaborations
Blindside - Silence
P.O.D. -  Satellite


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