Top Ten Poll for Our Favorite Top Ten Debut Albums of All Time:

1.     Steve Taylor: I Want to Be a Clone  
2.     Jars of Clay: Jars of Clay  
3.     Stavesacre: Friction 
4.     LSU: Shaded Pain   
5.     U2: Boy  
6.     Dime Store Prophets: Love is Against the Grain 
7.     Chagall Guevara:  Chagall Guevara 
8.     Lost Dogs: Scenic Routes 
9.     R.E.M.: Murmur  
10.   This Train: You're Soaking in it    
11.   Grammatrain: Lonely House   (Tie)
11.   Plumb:  Plumb   (Tie) 
12.   Vigilantes of Love: Jugular 
13.   Joy Electric: Melody   
14.   Five Iron Frenzy: Upbeats and Beatdowns 
15.   MxPx: Pokinatcha   
16.   Sinead O'Connor: The Lion & The Cobra  
17.   Larry Norman: So Long Ago the Garden       
18.   Daniel Band: On Rock   
19.   Swirling Eddies: Let's Spin 
20.   Pegtop: Just Us

(Note from the Publishers: We just report the results, folks.  Actually, the Debut album by Larry Norman is I Love You {Capitol/1966}.

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