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Top 10 for August 2004

The Phantom Tollbooth Top 10 department does not make political commentary; however, we smile to see a "flip-flop" in the voting for the August 2004 Top 10 results. Starflyer 59 has relinquished its top slot not once, but twice--first, to Sam Phillips' A Boot and A Shoe, and then last month, to Bill Mallonee's Dear Life. SF59's I Am the Portuguese Blues has flip-flopped back to the top slot! Returning to the survey are Mallonee (slipping seven notches), Pedro the Lion, Blindside, Cool Hand Luke, and The 77s. Joy Electric's Hello, Mannequin moves from the runners-up to number nine, and Wilco and Further Seems Forever make a return engagement to the Top 10. Three are no runners-up because we had just enough votes (with no ties!) to round out the Top 10. And therefore, make sure to vote in the September 2004 Phantom Tollbooth Top 10 survey. Here are the results from the August 2004 survey.

1. Starflyer 59 - I Am the Portuguese Blues
2. Wilco - A Ghost Is Born
3. Blindside - About a Burning Fire
4. Pedro the Lion - Achilles Heel
5. Cool Hand Luke - The Fires of Life
6. Further Seems Forever - How to Start a Fire
7. The 77s - 88
8. Bill Mallonee - Dear Life
9. Joy Electric - Hello, Mannequin
10. Neal Morse - Testimony


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