Helium Blue Gazebo
Kalubone Records
This is the third album for this group, whom we last heard from in 1991. Their previous releases were on Pure Metal (which pretty much describes their music).  I slipped the CD into the player with my ear plugs handy. Instead of the usual metal sound, though, my ears heard a variety of sounds that would best be described as classic rock.  In this age of modern rock, the style seemed a bit dated. The music was well done, but it lacked that special something needed to make it rise above the rest of the pack. "Pizza Driver," a song about superstitious people, was clearly my favorite.  It had a real modern rock feel to it. The "Winds of Change" cover was the biggest disappointment.  Scott Doerfler's vocals aren't as strong as Russ Taff's, and the song suffered in comparison.  This isn't a bad album.  It's just that there's so much good stuff out there that an average album seems to suffer in comparison.-----Shari Lloyd

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