Songs From the Rainwater EP 
Artist: Velour 
Label: Tooth and Nail Records 
By: Jeremy Choi 

This six-song EP is not really a follow-up to Velour's Fall Sounds full-length debut, but a re-recording and re-release of many of the songs from their Rainwater limited-edition cassette that preceeded their signing with Tooth and Nail Records. There is one song on here, the instrumental "Light in August," which was previously unreleased, but the other five songs are either originals, re-recorded or remixed. The re-recorded material includes Velour's newest members, guitarist, Matthew Hudson, and drummer/percussionist, Jeremy Dybash, who join vocalist Amon Krist and instrumentalist Trey Many.  

Acoustic guitars help set a very sombre, almost out-in-nature musical atmosphere on the first track "Tenth Month," similar to Jesse Sprinkle's Sunsites project, with a female vocals added. Electric guitars are used in tracks like "Ritual Day," delighting fans of Lush and Garbage. Krist, daughter of much respected folk artist Jan Krist, captivates listeners with a high-pitched voice similar to Julee Cruise's (of Twin Peaks fame), though at times her vocal delivery bears an uncanny resemblance to Sixpence's Leigh Bingham on the early Sixpence records.  

Many of the songs here tend to be written from personal observations and experiences: 

I watch the wave and I see it grow  
With a crash upon the shore 
The swell moves forth to grow and die  
And I wonder why 

For listeners who enjoyed Fall Sounds, and for anyone who appreciates soft, sullen female-vocals like Sarah McLachlan, Songs from the Rainwater will be a very welcome treat. And there is even more good news - Velour will be releasing their new record, Of Colour Bright at the end of the summer. 

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