All Groan Up 
Artist: Them Apples 
Label: Feedback Records 
Time: 11 tracks/ 48:57 
Them Apples is primarily the work of Lou Carloza (staff writer for The Chicago Tribune and CCM Magazine).  The title All Groan Up is an interesting play on words here. The title suggested I might find some interesting lyrics here.  I wasn't disappointed.  While they don't have the depth of a band like Vigilantes of Love, they have a catchiness to them that could soon have you singing and tapping along.  While they appear Biblically inspired, this is done in a very low-key way. The music is well-crafted pop-rock with some nice harmonies.  Add to that some excellent production, and you have a winner here.   
This can be ordered for $11 from: 
Feedback Records 
 3157 N Hudson, Suite 1-C 
Chicago, IL  60657 
By Shari Lloyd