Artists: The Insyderz 
Label: Squint Entertainment 
Time: 11 tracks,  36:48 
Youth of the world, it's time for revolt. Tired of those acoustic guitar praise songs?  Run out and buy two copies of this CD--one for yourself, of course, and the other for your youth leader. You'll be doing yourself a favor. You'll still hear the same old songs. You know the ones I mean; "Oh, Lord You're Beautiful," "Awesome God," and of course my favorite, "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High." But, now they'll be accompanied with some horns. Yeah! This is ska. If you're a youth leader, buy this and surprise your group--it might improve your cool rating. As with most ska, the music has a rough but fun feel, but still manages to praise God.  
Like the Sixpence release, this Squint release also features the backwards CD case. Steve Taylor's sense of humor no doubt. Have fun opening it.  I don't recommend it for those over 80--they have enough trouble with regular cases.  Everyone else give this a try. 
By Shari Lloyd