Homeless Man: The Restless Heart of Rich Mullins (video) 
Label: Myrrh 
Time: Approximately 1 Hour  
In any good tribute, the viewers are led to a deeper understanding of the person who is the focus of the tribute, and that person's beliefs. This is definitely the case in Homeless Man: The Restless Heart of Rich Mullins. It is a must for any Mullins's fan and a wonderful buy for anyone wanting to learn more about the love of God. It would have been nice to see more interviews or concert clips of Mullins, but perhaps they kept it short of things like this to help keep us focused on God and how God worked through Mullins. The video begins by showing a set of hands playing the hammer dulcimer. Then we are guided through a much deeper glance of the man we knew as Rich Mullins and the number one thing in his life. It was wonderful hearing stories about how Mullins use to have jam sessions at his home, how he did the lyrics for his CDs, and other tid-bits people had to tell. One theme that each associate of Mullins shares about him is how he lived by the Spirit. He caused others to want to explore their Bible, know God, and love everything of Him. He had a wonderful way of blending God's Word, human nature, and creation. The star-studded list of volunteers who wanted to share their love for Mullins is amazing and inspiring. Of course, all the Ragamuffins and most of Mullins's close friends are featured (it is painfully obvious that Beaker, Mullins's best friend, co-writer on many songs, and long-time travelling companion, was missing...) It is a joy to see Mitch McVicker, and to see that he is okay after having been involved in the accident which took Rich's life. Each of these special guests tell how Mullins was a reminder, of sorts, to all of Contemporary Christian Music to turn to God. We are also told how The Jesus Record was created and how the tape of Mullins's voice "just happened" to be made. Hearing of how Mullins got his nicknames and what he was like as a child was also an interesting insight to the many aspects of Rich Mullins, the man. One of my favorite parts of the video is where Steve Stockman, a university chaplain from Belfast, Northern Ireland, is attempting to explain where Mullins came up with his popular "Irish sweater" story. The important part Mullins explains, "When you wash up on that other shore, even though you've been disfigured beyond any recognition, the angels gonna see you there and they'll go, what is this? we're not even sure, if it's human. But, Jesus will say, no, that's human. I know that one. And they'll say, Jesus, how do you know that one? And He'll say, well, You see that sweater he's got on?" The component of the video that tugs at the heart strings the most are the clips of the children who saw complete love in Mullins's eyes. One child in particular was trying to hold his grief in so hard that he could barely speak. Many children who were led to Christ from something Mullins did, said, or started are featured in interviews which are touching in many ways. Mullins didn't care about what other people thought, as long as he was glorifying God. Mullins challenged us to not be comfortable in what we were taught about our perfect little worlds as he taught us to strive to be more like God. Since Christ taught us that whatever we've done to the least of these, we've done it unto him, Mullins believed to really be about God's work we had to identify with the poor. God is a Lord of compassion, care, and grace. Mullins showed that more than anyone most of us have ever met. 

By Cathy Courtwright 


After watching Homeless Man the first time, I thought "Well, I'd give it a five for fans and a one if you aren't a fan."  The second time I watched it, I was convinced whether you are a fan or not--you need to see this video. Homeless Man is a documentary film that serves as a memorial to a truely remarkable man. Alyssa Loukota of Compassion USA Ministries says, " We wanted to make something that would point effectively and beautifully to Rich's life and passions.  Something that would suggest to viewers his loves and struggles and weaknesses and hopes.  But more than all that, more than just a moving tribute to a good man, we wanted to make something that would stir people to action, to make something that would make us all hunger to know the Jesus Rich loved, and anxious to serve the ones Rich had committed to serve: those Christ called the least of my brothers." Homeless Man succeeds here. It is very well done. Interspersed with short clips of Mullins's last concert appearance are reflections on Mullins and his life from his friends, family, fellow artists, and ministry partners. The video doesn't glorify Mullins but tries to understand him as a human being. The more I see the video, the more I realize how much Rich Mullins pursued God with what seems like a restless abandonment.  He truly lived the Gospel.  My life seems to fall so short compared to his.  I think I'm going to need to see this video periodically the rest of my life to remember why I'm here and where I should be going. Rich Mullins may be gone, but his message lives on in Homeless Man.  It is a wonderful testimony of what he was always trying to tell us. Hopefully, some day we will get his message and starting living that way too. 
By Shari Lloyd