Artist: EnGrave  
Label: Velvet Empire/Flaming Fish 

The music here would best be described as beautiful, dark, and ambient, with atmospheric synths and drum machine being the only perceptible instrumentation.  The sound is intensely ominous and mysterious, yet very reflective and restful.  The few words on the album seem almost like intrusions into these flowing, synthesized instrumental pieces.  All of the pieces differ enough in the types of noises used so the listener doesn't get bored.  Imagine gliding along, encountering different moods that are almost like characters in a book(!).  It's hard to pick a favorite track from all the wonderful choices.  "Electron Plasma," with its sci-fi feel, has to be mine.  

Polaris is a lush solo project of Nathan Morris of Velvet Empire (an independent record label focusing on darkwave, gothic, and darktrance). It is made up of four new tracks, two tracks previously released as parts of compilation disks, and four tracks from an earlier cassette, Benediction. The CD comes in a custom-designed, handprinted, black paper package with a silver print on the front of a person holding a sword and ready to strike.  The disks are all numbered.  This type of music doesn't tolerate sloppy production, and you won't find it here.   
Polaris is the perfect way to relax after a hard day and let your cares fall away into the depths of the music. Hopefully, these guys will come up with a distributor so this music can attract the wider audience it deserves.  
By Shari Lloyd