Artist: Dale Thompson and the Kentucky Cadillac  
Label: Organic Records  
Time 10/40:58  
A man of many hats, most people know Dale Thompson as the lead singer for Bride.  In addition to Bride, Thompson has recorded several solo albums. The first was a low-production indie with some blues influences, Speak into the Machine. The second, Dale Thompson showed even more blues influences, and while it grabbed my attention, it didn't keep it.  Trust me--he keeps getting better. I like this third attempt.  While it's probably too sanitized to please a true blues fan, it's close enough for me.  "One Man's Opinion" seemed pretty weak musically, but most tracks will have you  tapping your toe. "Hand Me Down Religion" and "Ain't No Devil" stand out as personal favorites. Plenty of saxes, trombones, trumpets, and a Hammond organ in addition to the usual guitars, basses, and drums make this an album worth picking up.  At this rate, by the time he's ready to hangup his Bride hat, the blues hat should fit just fine.  

By Shari Lloyd