Doing a New Thing EP 
Artist: the DNA algorithm 
Label: UK indie  
Time: 6 tracks/24:58 

The production work of Zarc Porter has often been praised. When I saw his name associated with the DNA algorithm, my interest was piqued. The group (as can be seen from the cheesy group photo) consists of a brother and two sisters--aged 18, 16, and 14 respectively. The writing is handled by the brother, Danny B, with Natasha and Nikola joining him on vocals. 

The first track of this recording comes in with kicking dance beats and swirling synth sounds. Track two is thoroughly cliched euro-pop, but since this genre thrives on being kitsch, this probably won't count against them. DC Talk's "Nu Thang" is covered, under the name "New Thing" to match the English accents. It's when the raps enter that I begin to have my doubts...they're not the easiest things to get right, and I don't think the DNA Algorithm has come even close. 

Overall, this is a very patchy recording. Definitely an improvement on a live set I once saw Danny B and Natasha do at a festival, but still pretty cliched and below average lyrically--their clean-cut pop/dance with soulful vocal harmonies side works, but they need to keep it focused more often. 

By James Stewart