Artist: Deluxx 
Label: Indie  
Time: 8 tracks/34:44 
The Tollbooth's publishers saw Deluxx live last weekend.  They were pretty good, another of those Greenville bands.  It amazes me how much good local talent there is in the Chicagoland area.  This band was formerly named The Plunge. Under that name, they were one of the winners of the New Band Showcase at the Cornerstone festival last year.  This year finds them even more polished and playing several of the summer festivals.   
Yeah, this is another of those modern rock bands with a girl singer, but Stacey Tiernan has a nice voice. (Ok, I know they all do.)  It's not one of those little girl voices but more along the lines of Margaret Becker, which really excels on the ballads.  Live, she reminds me a little of Plumb. The music is well-done with a combination of rockers with a few programming loop added and ballads.  Lewis Lux is on keyboards, Ed Gallagher on drums, and John Wagoner on guitar. The lyrics are Christian without being too cliched--most of them talk about the Christian walk and their relationship with Christ.  Again, they are well written without being trite. Hopefully, they will find themselves with a label soon.  In the meanwhile, look for them on the road this summer.  
 To purchase, send $12 to: 
 Inez Lux 
 RR1 Box 53 
 Warrensburg, IL 62573 
 (217) 672-3698 
By Shari Lloyd