Artist: Copper 
Label: Indie 
Time: 4 tracks/15:15 

This four-song CD demo is an engaging piece of work.  It reminds me a lot of Jawbone Hill's first CD Sackcloth and Ashes in intensity, vocals, and rawness of sound.  The guitars have the same driving, strumming style, but with more reverb and a bit more distortion.  It's an intense and energetic sound.  I wish there was more information on this because it sure sounds like Dan Erb singing.  This is a bit smoother than Jawbone Hill's first CD, but not as produced as their second.  Copper falls squarely in the alternative category.  The lyrics are squarely focused on Christ and challenge us to look at ourselves.  They are also very reminiscent of Jawbone Hill.  Those who like Driver Eight, Plankeye, Dryve, and, yes, obviously Jawbone Hill, will probably enjoy Copper.  The production could use a little work. Things just don't flow smoothly, but the music shines well beyond the production. I'll be looking forward to a full length release by these guys. 

By Mark Aylor