Celtic Expressions Of Worship Volume 3 - Breath Of Life 
Artists: Various 
Label: Kingsway Music (UK) 
Time: 44:40 

This title may make you groan. "Not another celtic worship album!" is a cry I have heard from a number of people. This one, however, does come from good pedigree--the previous album in this series was excellent, and members of Iona are involved in a variety of ways. This volume takes 12 hymns and re-casts them in the celtic mould. For the first time in the series vocals are featured on a few tracks, and these are more than ably performed by Joanne Hogg. The sounds start out very Iona influenced, even though there are actually less members of that band featured here than on the previous album. The music is very relaxing, and could be described in places as beautiful, but also suffers sometimes from being generic, especially towards the end of the CD. This is not a bad recording, but it does not quite match its predecessor, which I would recommend checking out before tracking this album down. 

By James Stewar