Artist: Blueberry 
Label: Indie 
Length: 4 tracks/13:47 

Cathy Burton, Blueberry's lead singer and acoustic guitarist, supported delirious? on their recent d: tour. Despite a cool response from the crowd, those few of us who were listening closely were impressed, and so I began tracking down this recording... 

This is a four-song EP which serves as a first release and a demo. Usually I recommend that bands don't do that, but these guys are experienced enough and confident enough in their own sound to pull it off. 
Besides Cathy Burton, the band contains Dan Boreham (guitars and backing vocals), Paul Evans (drums), Paul Burton (guitars), and Mowf (ex-Eden Burning, bass). The sound is indie-pop, influenced by delirious? and brit-pop, with the odd hint of Flow in the guitars (although not as dense), and very strong reminisences of Julie Turner in the vocals. 

The songs are well-focused, and the instruments are well textured. None of them really shine, though, and I was hoping for a slightly stronger presence from Mowf's bass. The band hopes to get onto the university circuit, and providing their stage show matches this album, the future could well be bright for them. 

By James Stewart