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Our Writers' Picks

Michael Card - Luke: A World Turned Upside Down

Eisley - The Valley

John Elefante & Mastedon - Revolution of Mind

Runners Up
Jenny & Tyler - Faint Not

Michael Card - Luke: A World Turned Upside Down  (last updated 3/23/11)
Commentary on Luke inspires Card’s latest 

Chopteeth - Live (Afrofunk Big Band)  (last updated 3/31/11)
Afrofunk big band culls the best from three shows for this horn-and-percussion bash.

The City Harmonic - Introducing The City Harmonic  (last updated 3/15/11)
If The City Harmonic’s aim was to create music that will encourage you in your faith and keep you singing, they have accomplished this.
The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow  (last updated 3/31/11)
A chance meeting while attending a song writer’s workshop in Nashville gave birth to a unique sound and quality taking the indie world by storm.

John Cox - John Cox in Concert - January 29, 2011   (last updated 3/24/11)
John Cox again! 

Danielson Live  (last updated 3/31/11)
Kind of like Pee-Wee's Playhouse, but without the winks to the grown-ups. Nahhhh – it's purer than that. Just think Danielson...

Disco Gecko - Songs from the Silk Road   (last updated 3/31/11)
Chilled electronica with monky vocal samples. Very nice.

Eisley - The Valley   (last updated 3/24/11)
Laughing City isn't laughing anymore – Eisley grows up after going through The Valley....

John Elefante & Mastedon - Revolution of Mind   (last updated 3/21/11)
Taking a trip down memory lane has been welcome diversion from some of the current musical landscape.

441 - Broken Reunion   (last updated 3/14/11)
441 has relived the 80's, but it's like watching The Breakfast Club. Great movie, but dated music.
The Hit Back - Who Are These Weird Old Kids?  (last updated 3/21/11)
The Hit Back have done well with these ten songs, and if, like me, you’re waiting for The Postal Service to release another great record, this will fill the void nicely.

Jon Hughes - Dead Weight  (last updated 3/31/11)
There is something obvious in the spirit of Hughes’ music which puts the listener in a unique place, a quiet place to fully understand his poetry and an energized place of motivation caused by inspiring melody. 

Jenny & Tyler - Faint Not (last updated 3/21/11)
If you haven't heard of Jenny & Tyler Somers until now, wait another couple of years, because I have a feeling these two are on the verge of breaking through to mainstream success in the Christian music industry.

The Lion & The Sail - Things To Say (EP)  (last updated 3/14/11)
The merits of this EP far outweigh the only minor gripe I can think of, that it's only an EP's worth of music.

Shawn McDonald - Closer   (last updated 3/31/11)
Merriam-Webster defines a ‘musician’ as a composer, conductor, or performer of music. The same source defines an ‘artist’ as one who professes and practices an imaginative art, a person skilled in one of the fine arts, a skilled performer, one who is adept at something. In one package, these attributes are found in Shawn McDonald. 

Shawn McDonald & Danen Kane In Concert at the Cup ‘O Joy  (last updated 3/31/11)
The evening shined with rarified entertainment.

Melanie Penn, Andrew Rose Gregory & the Color Red Band In Concert   (last updated 3/15/11)
It was Fat Tuesday in New York City and that means a night of good red hot music.
Music and Charity: A Challenge to Musicians to Step up to Help Japan Recover  (last updated 3/15/11)
A musical heart is a heart that is fertile ground for compassion.

Red - Until We Have Faces   (last updated 3/31/11)
C. S. Lewis meets nu-metal. It works.

Sawol - Through Soil and Skin  (last updated 3/15/11)
So, if heavy is your deal, and you don’t mind some predictable growling, give this nugget a spin.
Haydon Spencely-Heart Strings  (last updated 3/15/11)
This is a very, very solid effort

Josh Stamper Live   (last updated 3/23/11)
Hearing Stamper's current work performed live is a wonderful way to spend an evening – offering the warmth and intimacy of a chamber ensemble with modern sensibilities. 
Tas Cru - Jus’ Desserts    (last updated 3/24/11)
Unlike so many popular blues albums today, Tas Cru delivers solid blues without delving into the profane or pornographic.

Sugar Army - The Parallel Amongst Ourselves  (last updated 3/15/11)
From the continent of aborigines and kangaroos comes a band that is infectious as it is hard to pigeonhole.


Triple Stitch - This Is Rebellion   (last updated 3/15/11)

Punch your fist in the air, then pound your chest like there’s no tomorrow. Triple Stitch may be this next decade’s answer to some quality Gut Level Music.
Way Yes - Walkability  (last updated 3/15/11)
As a self-admitted music snob, I'm always on the lookout for new artists who defy the mainstream and offer up something unique, something interesting, or both. 

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