Artist: The Way Sect Bloom
Label: Flaming Fish 1997
Time: 10 tracks/67:31 

The Way Sect Bloom, one of the most highly touted offerings off the Flaming Fish roster, does not disappoint if you know what to expect from it. Almost all the reviews and articles I've read about TWSB has them billed as an industrial band, but I really don't think they should be described that way.  I would be hard pressed to describe the band as industrial; I think a label of aggressive techno would be more fitting.

The opening track of the disc, "Live", is an instrumental song, consisting of some pulsating electronics and a technical-sounding guitar, and an odd sample of a black preacher exhorting the congregation.  The second track, "Subsidize", ventures into more standard territory, with more pulsating electronics, Star Trek samples, distorted vocals, and the odd guitar.  This is probably the best description of  TWSB's sound, as most songs follow the patterns set out above.  The only shocker is the title track "Effloresce", which starts out with birds singing, kicks over to highly distorted whiney vocals, and then brings in an acoustic guitar!  Cool song, but a little odd.  The lyrics tend to be mostly of the personal prayer to God type that is becoming so popular in CCM lately.  Here's the lyrics for Illumina (Defenseless):

If you know to expect a more techno than industrial sounding CD, then you'll probably be pleased with this album.  Although a solid effort for its genre, no songs really stand out after a few listens.  Still, a decent effort.

By Joe Rockstroh

 The Way Sect Bloom is a techno-industrial band from Long Island, New York.  They name the following as influences; Mortal, Circle of Dust, Front  Line Assembly, and Skinny Puppy.  Around since 1993, they've previously  appeared on several compilation CDs, including Artcore Volume One and Volume Two, Electro-Shock Therapy, Escape the Furnace, and Full-Frontal Lobotomy.  This is their first full-length release.  Effloresce combines most of the songs that have appeared on  these various compilations plus a few new ones. 
 Effloresce means to blossom, flower, or bloom.  The Way Sect Bloom has  certainly done that with EfFLoReScE. The album itself is a real  mixture, but the music itself continually blooms forth. Some songs are loud, some soft. Some have mostly loud guitars, and some have no  guitars. Some are a cross between industrial and harder-edged rock with an almost metal feel to it, and then some are purely industrial with distorted voices and lots of sampling. Whatever direction they take, though, a techno-industrial sound can be heard throughout the album. For example, "Dive" starts with atmospheric synths, then is followed by guitars aggressively and loudly entering the piece, only to have it end with a long sample. "Subsidize" has a more straight forward techno feel. The guitars start much further back in the mix, with lots of sampling.  They gradually work their way forward in the mix, only to fade at the end.  The lyrics are intelligent and thoughtful. They are Christ-centered but unlike many Christian lyrics aren't  trite or formulaic. 

 and  This unquestionably well-done album is a must for the library of any  industrial fan.
 By Shari  Lloyd