The Phantom Tollbooth

Madame Butterfly...A Lesson in Thankfulness
Big Idea Productions, 1998
Time Aprox. 30 minutes
Help! I'm devastated. Due to what he believed to be a poor performance in "The Song of the Cebu," Archibald Asparagus has canceled "Silly Songs with Larry." The segment was replaced by "Love Songs with Mr. Lunt." who serenades us with a sad love song about cheeseburger.  BRING BACK LARRY! What is a veggie tales without Larry in this prime spot?
That's not the only change Big Idea has in store for us. The fruit have arrived!  A very chic Madame Blueberry to be precise. Unfortunately, Madame Blueberry is a whiner. As you can guess, she's blue. Why you ask?  She doesn't have enough stuff. Her neighbors have more. A familiar tale to all of us. The situation soon changes as the Stuffmart moves in. Madame and her staff (Larry and Bob) are off on the biggest shopping spree of all time. Along the way Madame runs into several families which seem content with so little.  This leaves her very confused.  How could they be so happy?  Maybe there is more to life than stuff? Before the tale ends, Madame has discovered that maybe "a happy heart" is more important than personal possessions after all-- "A happy heart is a thankful heart."
With its unique combination of clever storyline, quirky music, fantastic graphics, and a biblical lesson, Big Idea has managed to do it again for the ninth time. There's nothing quite like "Veggie Tales."  I simply can't get enough.
By Shari Lloyd (9/28/98)

<sob>No Silly Songs with Larry</sob or is that a whine?>.