The Phantom Tollbooth

Exeter Flud
Artist: Exeter Flud
Label: Bulletproof Music
Length: 10 tracks/43:16
Exeter Flud, the latest offering from Bulletproof, is a solid debut and a worthy addition to the label. They can best be described as moody emo alterna-rock, with a hint of new wave thrown in at times. The full guitars, though, are really what gives the band its >> flavorful sound. The vocals are good also, always complimenting the guitars (and vice versa). They are very similar to those of Bloomsday, so much so I checked to see if it was the same singer. The songs are strong for the most part, but they do tend to all sound the same after a couple of listens. There are, however, enough stand-out tracks like "Passion and Hesitation" and "Under Me" to keep things from becoming too monotonous. The overall production is excellent, with the vocals mixed in well and the guitar tones coming across cleanly.
Lyrically, Exeter Flud has much in common with other mood-heavy Christian bands like Bloomsday and Champion Birdwatchers. The lyrics for the opening song, "Darling D," are quite interesting:   So, if you're into bands like Dear Ephesus, Champion Birdwatchers, Bumblepuppy, and maybe Weezer, then you'll definitely want to give Exeter Flud a spin. You probably won't be disappointed.

By Joe Rockstroh (9/19/98)