The Phantom Tollbooth
We Were Sent For
Artist: The Danes
Label: Red Crown Record Empire
Length: 12 tracks/51:30
This young, four-piece rock and roll band is creating experimental alternative music with obvious influences from The Flaming Lips and Morella's Forest. The noise and discord of these modern bands juxtaposed with the lazy beats and strumming styles of The Velvet Underground makes this an interesting listen.

The band is Wynn Jackson-trap set; Bray Carr-vox, guitars, etc.; John C. Wooldridge II-bass; Drew Myers-guitars; good musicians all. Vocally: through most songs Carr's vocals remain earthly while the guitars build tension, but on occasion they reach the breaking point and erupt to a more emotional, energetic level.
The record starts off with an intro of electronic noise that flows into the first song, "McKensie", with a Bush-kinda feel. The Danes are indeed inventive and creative in their song structures. Much of the CD's emphasis is instrumental, however, and the band has added samples and electronic noise throughout. The Danes seem to enjoy taking a melodic theme and building on, twisting, and pushing it. They like to play around with their ideas, which are mostly good ones. But sometimes the songs drag, and sometimes the ideas that are front and center should have been background. We Were Sent For could be compared to Morella's Forest's first and sloppiest record, but when they  rock out they have a Fold Zandura quality; both good bands and good sounds to aspire to.

The Danes show promise and may be a band to watch, but they need to tighten up the production and regard the experimental ideas as concepts to be incorporated better to complete a song. Only time will tell if  The Danes " were sent for" such a time as this, or if they "were sent for" lunch.
By Tony LaFianza (9/20/98)