The Phantom Tollbooth

This Womb Like Liquid Honey
Artist: Tara Vanflower
Label: Projekt
Time: 54:36 minutes
This side project from the vocalist of Lycia does little to boost her into solo stardom. The only thing I found to be consistent was the repetition, flat vocals, and poetic lyrics.
This album is basically a goth/ambient/noise album with deep poetry. I found the lyrics to be well written. From a Christian standpoint, and if you frequent coffee shop poetry readings, then you might want the album just for the lyrics that are printed on the sleeve. She sings about scripture, abortion, and black fuzzy spiders. In some songs her voice is sweet, but every now and then shen hits a sour note, and I cringe.
However, all is not lost. I do like the journey into the noise/ambient world, and there was a vocal track that had killer background music, "Black Fuzzy." There was also a track that brought to mind the godfather of noise, John Zorn, but it still couldn't make up for the weak parts of the album.
The worst part of the album was whatever you heard musically in the first four measures was put in a repetitive loop, to be heard over and over. I am aware that it was purposely done, but I think it was taken to the extreme.
I would only recommend this album to die hard goth fans or fans of Lycia, and I would advise the rest of the world to try something with more texture.
Justin W. Jones