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Artist: Trip the Light Fantastic
Label: Independent
Time: 12 tracks/40:56 minutes

Daydream (Sample) 
Mr. Personality (Sample) 

We've probably all been in a Borders Books and Music or Barnes and Noble when they've had one of "those" bands there--coffee house heroes that cater to the well-read and discriminating listener, usually playing ethnic folk, poetry jams, Irish jigs, or any other kind of artistic music lacking a home. Pigeonholing Trip the Light Fantastic into the category of one of those "coffee house art bands" could be easy, but wouldn't do justice to the bands alterna-folk hooks and harmonies.

Consisting of three members playing acoustic and electric guitars and various assorted instruments, the simple arrangements showcase a bare yet solid musical framework. Songs such as "Dear Eve" and "Time to Spare" spotlight the band's ability to create mood and inject an atmosphere into their music, but songs such as "Dark Night of the Soul" would really benefit from the added instrumentation. Lyrics like:

This distance exists, we hate and we miss
Creating a daydream of space
Lonesome expose, we run before we know
Trusting ourselves in His place

Can we believe
Maybe we're deceived to think He desires unity
But when it's all been done and we've come to be one
All this will seem to be a dream

from "Daydream" and
I see such goodness in you
It makes me want to be better
And all those things that you do
I cannot help but wonder

Can I be the one you want me to
Will I see you in me

If I walked on my own
I'd be missing this part of me
When I call out your name
You fill that missing peace in me

from "Can I Be?" prove a well-read band trying to communicate their earnest desire to serve God. Recorded live, production is a low point; the album sounds like it was recorded in a closet. While lacking drums and bass, TTLF manages to make quality tunes that are earnest. A full band would definitely help these guys produce a fuller sound, but in the meantime, this is a solid effort.

By Joe Rockstroh 11/27/99


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