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Re:Source 2000
Artist: Various
Label: Movation Records 
Length: 2 CD's - CD 1: 16 tracks/66:35 (2nd CD, is the backing tracks)
This UK release has a sticker on the CD promising "16 pop/dance worship songs, plus free backing track CD." Perhaps it should have read "16 songs that will take you from a hands in the air worship experience to an on your face before God experience and oh yeah, we threw in a free CD of all the backing tracks to all 16 songs."

This Praise and Worship CD has taken over where Nitro Praise stumbled at around number 5. The production rested in the capable hands of Matt Wanstall and Zarc Porter, who have experience and involvement with the music of The World Wide Message Tribe's Planet Life Services. Porter commented: "We always try to approach these songs in a sympathetic way and treat them with respect, all we endeavor to do is make them accessible to a wider audience." And that is exactly what this CD does, it has songs that cover heart felt worship to jump and shouting praise.  

The CD explores a variety of pop/dance styles. "I'm Learning to Love You" and "All I Want Is You" almost sound like the WWMT and Partridge family jamming together.

The highlights are the two songs from Matt Redman's pen. "O Sacred King" takes the listener on a downbeat trip courtesy of the programming of Zarc Porter, while "Jesus Christ (Once Again)" is a minimal drum and bass toe-tapper. Most listeners will be familiar with all the songs, but thanks to the production of Matt and Zarc all the songs take on a different worship attitude and style.

Martin Smith sings "Lord You Have My Heart", accompanied by some funky guitars over a house beat with some DJ scratching. On another track Natasha Andrews sings "Light the Fire Again", the arrangement sounds like it has come right from Cher's latest "Believe" CD, with the filtered vocals. This is not a bad thing and has been done very well. These last two songs clock in around 125 bmp, which is perfect for that club feel. 

This is the best CD that I have heard that is targeting the youth culture. The musical styles cover many areas within the dance culture. No one person will like every song or musical style but I would bet you will like most of these praise and worship songs.  I personally have used this CD in worship sets at church and seen people from the ages of 70 to 7 dancing  and singing in a new and fresh way. And that was the stated purpose of this CD according to the liner notes.

Darryl Cottier 11/7/99

Track listing:

  1. Learning to Love You - Vocals by Peter Wilson
  2. All I Want Is You - Vocals by Sarah Erasmus, Gemma D, Lynsey Berry and Eils Nevitt (WWMT)
  3. O Sacred King - Vocals by Matt Redman
  4. I Fall Down - Vocals by Sarah Erasmus
  5. Jesus Christ (Once Again) - Vocals by Matt Redman (with Doronda Lewis [wwmt])
  6. The Heart of Worship - Vocals by Lucy Britten (WWMT)
  7. Lord You Have My Heart - Vocals by Martin Smith (Delirious?)
  8. Light the Fire Again - Vocals by Natasha Andrews (Shine)
  9. For the Cross - Vocals by Peter Wilson
  10. More Love, More Power - Vocals by Doug Walker
  11. Days of Elijah - Vocals by Elaine Hanley (ex-WWMT) and Doronda Lewis(WWMT)
  12. The Spirit of the Lord - Vocals by Lynsey Berry
  13. Say It Loud - Vocals by Doronda Lewis (WWMT)
  14. Forever - Vocals by Peter Wilson and Doug Walker (Planet Life)
  15. Mighty Ruler - Vocals by Eils Nevitt (WWMT)
  16. Set On You - Vocals by Peter Wilson


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