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Puddlegum Kids Like Us Vol. 1
Artist: Various
Label: Puddlegum Communications
Length:  11 songs / 45:35 minutes

There are certain things that are a given about any compilation, its always at an extreme, really great or really horrible; and there is always that one band that makes it all worth it.  Well, this compilation from the people at Puddlegum keep that tradition alive.  This is a great compilation.  Solid indie music from start to finish, and those standout tracks from diamonds in the rough. Kids Like Us gets over the uneven hump that plagues so many compilations that are on the market.  There is one quality song after another, starting with the opener from one of the best independent bands around Estis P@rc and the radio edit of "If You Let Me."  The angelic vocals and the deep emo sounds make this track a standout among stand outs.  The Vegas Nerve are another great modern rock band on this compilation, with the song entitled "Dive," with Weezer like harmonies and solid music.  A true highlight is from Jesse Sprinkle from his instrumental track "Sunsites."  For those that have not had the chance to experience the whole Sunsites album of acoustic guitar instrumental work from ex-Poor Old Lu current World Inside member Jesse Sprinkle, this is a fine example of his talent.

Track Listing:

  • Estis P@rk - If You Let Me (radio edit)
  • Crush - Maybe Later
  • Fringe - Without You
  • Serry - Trust You (radio edit)
  • The Vegas Nerve - Dive
  • Tim Keeler - Shooting Star
  • The Atonement - Want To Stand (radio edit)
  • Jesse Sprinkle - Sunsites
  • Dear Juliette - Soulsink
  • John R. Williamson - I Forgot

Aaron Bell 10/30/99


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