The Phantom Tollbooth
Live Worship From The 268 Generation
Artist:  Passion 98
Label:  Star Song
Length:   67 minutes / 13 songs

A new Youth Worship movement, known as "Passion" is being spearheaded by veteran college ministers Louie and Shelly Giglio who desire to inspire our young people to experience more freedom in their worship. Placing an emphasis on unity, vision, and hope, this new movement is sweeping this nation's college campuses.  Much like the Promise Keepers phenomenon of the last few years, Passion seems to be focused on reaching a new generation of people with a simple hunger for intimacy with God in worship.

The songs on this project are all recorded live at a Passion event held in Houston, TX. The songs are collected from some of CCM's more "cutting edge" worship leaders like Matt Redman, Martin Smith from Delirious?, and David Ruis. Each of these songwriters have several of their more popular songs represented on this live recording.   "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever", "Sweet Mercies", and "Knocking On The Door Of Heaven" are easily some of the albums more powerful tracks.

To the regular fan of modern worship, these songs will be instantly recognizable and enjoyable. The simple sincerity and hunger for God is exquisitely evident on each of these songs and it's what makes this album appealing for listeners of all denominations and age groups.

Keith Giles (3/9/99)