The Phantom Tollbooth

Since You Came To Me
Artist: Matt Crane
Label: UK indie
Length: 6 tracks/27.40 minutes
Matt Crane has an extremely versatile voice. His natural range appears to contain notes many male singers require falsetto to attempt. While his vocals are generally warm and restrained, when he strives for more power his voice brings to mind a male equivalent of such divas as Mariah Carey. Crane mentions Carey and George Michael in his promotional material, both of which are, stylistically, fair comparisons, but the production budget does not allow the lush accompaniment that those artists thrive on.
The musical accompaniment is piano-led, but also includes guitars, bass and drums. Unfortunately the melodies and arrangements come across as rather cliched and predictable, and the guitar solos sound rather dated. The lyrics do contain a hint of poetry, but don't really contain much to catch hold of.

Matt Crane clearly has a strong voice which given a more interesting backing would certainly find him a niche, but this recording does not have the spark to do that voice justice.
James Stewart (6/12/99)