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With All Your Charms
Artist: Lucinda Bright
Label: Face Down Records  1998
Length: 13 tracks/50:40 minutes

There's no Lucinda but the future could be Bright for this New Jersey group.  They are easily at their best when they stick to the pop sounds of  the opening cut, Waiting.  Leigh Woolston's vocal interpretations nicely  compliment the rest of the quintets feel good melodies.  Lyrically the album  is intriguing though it rates a zero on the Jesus meter.  The songs are written in a quirky sort of way and delivered likewise.  When using poetic license it's always a good idea to include a lyric sheet, which this album doesn't do.

On the whole  With All Your Charms is a nice listen and makes you look forward to their next release.

Sam Hagedorn 10/15/99


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