The Phantom Tollbooth

Larry Boy: the soundtrack
Artist: Albert the Butler with the W's.
Label: Big Ideas/Word
Length: 19 tracks/41.13

With the sales phenomenon that is Veggie Tales showing no signs of slowing, and the latest release being received cinematic previews, the time is right for another Veggie Tales CD. Rather that repeating the music-centered focus of the previous two audio releases, Big Ideas have used this CD as an opportunity to retell the two adventures of everyone's favorite plunger-headed hero in radio style.

The Veggie Tales humor is in plentiful supply here, along with several of the episodes's musical numbers, but unfortunately it would be difficult for anyone not already familiar with the storylines to get more than a brief idea of the plots from this. Musically there are a few high-points, such as Larry Boy's "Superhero Slim-Down Remix" and the W's closing number, but the songs aren't quite dynamic enough for more than a handful to demand attention.

Veggie Tales fans will want this CD and they'll enjoy it. But for those not already familiar with the purple and yellow super fellow will probably want to acquaint themselves with the videos before purchasing this souvenir.

James Stewart 9/26/99