The Phantom Tollbooth

 Happy Wife Happy Life (video)
 Artist: Jeff Allen
 Label: Myrrh Records
 Time: 30 minutes
After nineteen years on the regular comedy circuit of VH1, MTV, the Comedy  Channel, etc., Jeff Allen became a Christian and added Christian venues to  his circuit. Allen still has his signature pained expression, but his show now includes his testimony and a lot of anecdotes revolving around his life with a wife and kids.  A lot of his material takes the ordinary common things in life and pushes them to absurd but logical conclusions.  Married people with children are sure to see their lives in Jeff's routines. Single folk will find less to relate to, although the stuff about teens was both funny and true.

Doctors' say that laughter is good for us and reduces stress. If you need a dose, give this video a try.
Shari Lloyd (5/12/99)