The Phantom Tollbooth

The Simple Truth
Artist:  Greg Walton
Label:  Independent/Back Door Records
Length: 41:24 / 10 tracks

Greg Walton is one pretty amazing guy. While serving as a church music director and a music teacher to children in the projects of Chicago suburbs, he felt God's call to leave those positions and become a full-time professional musician in the Christian music industry. With his family he moved from Illinois to Tennessee to pursue his new career and teamed up with producer Jimmy Riley, a Chicago-based Christian musician who worked with Deep Purple and Survivor. Although Walton is relatively new to the Christian music scene, he's not an unfamiliar face to those who have seen Polarboy in concert as he is currently touring as the band's keyboard player and opening act.

The Simple Truth, Walton's debut album, is similar to music by Mitch McVicker, Hootie and the Blowfish, and the Marshall Tucker Band, along with traces of Wishbone Ash, Steely Dan, and Peter Frampton. Diversity in the musical instruments and techniques used keep the listener interested, wondering what will be next. Walton's baritone vocals are passionate, strong, clean, and crisp.

Walton is a Bible scholar and continues to teach through lyrics based on scripture and his personal walk with the Lord. Although biblical references are included in the liner notes alongside the lyrics, his songs are straight-forward enough for most listeners. In "Free," for example, Walton sings about the power of Christ within us to overcome any temptation:

In the first cut, "Leanin' On," Walton testifies about his pursuit of a full-time career as a Christian rock musician by stating that when God calls us to do something, we should follow and leave the details and consequences to Him. Taken from the '70's Songs of Praise series, Walton's funky arrangement of "Love Round" reminds us to love God and one another because love is never whimsical--it is an absolute. One of my favorites is "Good Night John Boy," an upbeat song about family, community, peace, and being ready for the  Lord's return:
  Walton is proficient on acoustic guitar, keyboards, and piano, and offers two beautiful piano-based pieces here. "Love of My Soul," was written for Walton's two daughters, and "Voice in the Hall" is based on the story of the prodigal son. Walton also displays his heart for youth ministry and a sense of humor on a hidden track titled, "Hormones," which speaks the truth about remaining sexually pure until marriage. He not only testifies that he lived what he sings about because it's God way, he emphasizes that because people have "got hormones" they will know what to do when the proper time comes and no prior sexual experiences are necessary.

This is a sturdy debut album worthy of a spin. I look forward to seeing what plans the Lord has in store for Walton's ministry. In the meantime, Walton will surely continue to proclaim that Jesus Christ is the Truth...plain and simple.

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Trish Patterson   (4/21/99)