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King Planet
Artist: FoldZan
Label: Independent (available for $10 through website)
Tracks/time 7 tracks/2454

Silverlight (sample) 
Avalanche (sample)
King Planet (sample)

Fold Zandura, and its predecessor Mortal, seem to have been plagued by label problems. Since Mortal's Pura, the groups have never released more than a single record on any one label, Jyro's own independent XhanRecords excluded. The next step on this path finds the band going the independent route once again, this time with a seven-track EP.

Those who have preferred Mortal's more industrial style of music to the techno-pop stylings of previous FoldZan releases may find this disc to be more to their liking. In particular, the title track and track 3, "Avalanche," both sound like they could have been outtakes from the Fathom recording sessions. The credits for this disc list the band as being only Jyro and Jerome again, although their website shows new people now working with them. Perhaps it is this reduction in staff on FoldZan's part that has returned the band to the roots of the Mortal/Fold Zandura sound.

The lyrics are as meaningful as ever. In particular, "Silverlight" stands out in this respect.

i've been away so long
i've been the wayward son...
i've been wrong...
let me see the light
silver light
open sky is all i need tonight
i come alive when it shines
so let me breathe the air
and let my spirit rise 
My only complaint about this disc is that it's too short! FoldZan has put out only one full album since they debuted with their 7-inch vinyl on Velvet Blue Music, but that one album, Ultraforever, is nothing short of phenomenal. Jyro and Jerome have succeeded in capturing that same spark here, but 25 minutes just isn't long enough to enjoy it. This is one destined for the repeat button.

Josh Marihugh 11/21/99

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