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Artist: Faith Massive
Label: N-Soul
Length: 10 tracks/60.13 minutes


After a strong debut in the form of Drum'n'Bass for the Masses, the partnership of Joey Davis and Jamie Wright continue their explorations of beats, bass and jazz-influences. There are more vocal tracks here, bringing in some tasteful and varied vocal parts--from the whispered and atmospheric work of Laurie Davis on "Your Name" to the gospel-diva contributions of Terri Hutson.

The album is consistently laid back, with an ambient aspect to many of the synth lines and other effects. The synthetic bass adds to this atmosphere, but sometimes sounds a little too artificial for its own good, and it would have been interesting to hear some live bass mixed in here. The laid back feel of the album means the songs drift slowly into one another, which may frustrate some, but those who like laid-back dance sounds will be pleased.

While much of the material is instrumental, the lyrics are overtly Christian and often evangelistic, but partly due to their minimalism they manage to avoid many of the clichés common in evangelistic dance music. The balance between lyrics and instrumental material seems to have been well made, and neither aspect feels out of place when it comes.

It would be interesting to hear something a little more organic from Faith Massive, and this may be a direction in which they could branch out on future projects. Faith Massive aren't breaking any new ground, but this release sees them consolidating the territory explored last time around.

James Stewart 11/14/1999


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