The Phantom Tollbooth

The Daniel Ten
Artist: Fabulous
Label: Solomon Music
Length: 3 tracks/10.56

The latest single from Scotland's acclaimed Fabulous continues their line in Radioheadesque guitar rock. The sound is thick, with a strong rhythm section keeping the bass sounds full, but on the lead track the clear, almost ethereal lead guitar tone gives a feeling of space to the overall sound. The lyrics could fairly easily be interpreted as being directed to God, although there are hints that there is more going on in the wordplay than appears on the surface.

The band uses the second track, "In This World," to show they can rock.There is no let up over its two-minute duration, and suggests that the band has listened to their fair share of the punkier end of grunge. The third track returns to more spacey territory with arpeggioed guitars immediately grabbing the attention, while a wider sound scape is again hinted at by activity at the higher end of the spectrum.

In the end, eleven minutes isn't really long enough to do this band justice. The singles they've released are perfect for presenting the band to the industry, but the overall impression left by this single is that a full album would allow the band to develop their ideas more fully, and really show what they're made of. We can but wait.

James Stewart (7/14/99)