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Healing Angel
Artist: Roma Downey/Phil Coulter
Label: RCA/BMG/Four Seasons/Provident
Length: 15 tracks/52:30 minutes

Be Thou My Vision (sample)
The Old Man (sample)

Most people are familiar with Roma Downey as the star of the TV series Touched by an Angel. Apparently, this is an attempt to capitalize on that.  It's a strange album as Downey doesn't sing but rather presents a series of reading for our listening pleasure.  While Downey's voice is pleasant, the readings vary from weddings to grief over a lost parent to blessings of children.  While this may have worked if the reading were all related, it's very disconcerting to go from love to death with their different emotions in a few minutes.  However, Phil Coulter, a noted new age musician and composer, does the music which is very pleasant. Unless you are a big Touched by an Angel fan or looking for an emotional roller coaster ride, I'd skip this album.

Shari Lloyd 12/11/99



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