The Phantom Tollbooth

Midnight of Hope
Artist: Andy Denton
Label: KMG
Length:12 tracks /53:22 minutes

Although you may not recognize the name, Andy Denton has been around for a years. First as the lead vocalist of Rusha and then Legend (aka Legend 7). After that, Denton teamed up with Randy Thomas (formerly of Allies and co-writer of several of Denton's songs) as Identical Strangers, but here the man holds his own as a soloist. A member of the Glenn Kaiser school of compassionate call to action, Denton focuses his message on people and relationships. He also shows that he can hold his own with the best--Bob Carlisle, Russ Taff, etc. Anyone who enjoys blue-eyed soul and an inspiring call to action should appreciate this well-produced release. Expect to hear him soon on a radio station near you.

Shari Lloyd
Linda LaFianza