The Phantom Tollbooth

Livin Up in a Down Word
Artist:  Deezer D
Label:  N*Soul
Length: 19 tracks

N*Soul records, the record label with a bit of an identity crisis, releases the debut album from this star (Daron Thompson as Malik McGrath) of the top rated medical drama ER.  Deezer D combines urban beats, with some solid lyrics, and a little name dropping to put out a pretty average (at its best) hip-hop album.  The beats and music are nothing new, which does not say much for the Christian industry, but these beats are nothing new even in the Christian industry.

The strong point is the lyrics.  Deezer tells of his life, dealing with fame and other such aspects of being a Hollywood star. Overall its not a bad hip-hop album.  If you want good hip-hop, buy GRiTS, if you already got that album, Deezer will do.

Aaron Bell  9/9/99