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Waiting for You/Rivers
Artist: Bodixa
Label: ColourSound Records
Length: 2 tracks/6.32 minutes

Waiting for You  (Sample)

For their third release, the burgeoning talent of Bodixa have been signed to the independent ColourSound Records and have produced a two track single which is already receiving plenty of attention in their native Leeds. The lead track here, "Waiting For You," sees the band wearing their Sundays influence proudly on their respective limbs. With a little less vibrancy, this could have sat on that band's reading, writing and arithmetic. "Rivers" shows a little more of the end of the century spin Bodixa add to their building blocks. While more immediate, neither of these offerings shows the individuality Bodixa exhibited on their last two releases.

Fans of sultry female vocals and atmospheric chorused guitars should look out for Bodixa, but perhaps wait for them to get a broader slate to chalk their names on.

James Stewart  11/10/99

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