The Phantom Tollbooth
A Different Story
Artist: Bodixa
Label: UK indie
Length: 4 tracks/14:12 minutes
The second release from the up-and-coming Bodixa continues in similar vein to its predecessor. Anna Ibbotston's vocals are haunting whether restrained and moody or more forthright. The melodies manage to be slightly off the beaten track but remain accessible. The band lets loose a little more here, and a combination of the two recordings suggests that they put on a strong live show.
Of the four tracks here, one is a remix of "I Cried Today" from the first  CD, and the ambient soundscape of this track does the song justice. The  other three are new to this listener but show that the band has a range  of strong material. Lyrics are included in the CD sleeve this time around.  It's not just in their music that Bodixa shows strength and promise. The  lyrics manage to mix simple imagery with emotional appeal and phrasing  that belies their youth. Bodixa is taking a few months off from live work as they concentrate  on forthcoming exams but plan to take a year out to focus on the band  from August onwards. From the sounds of their work so far we can but  hope that a full-length release isn't too far off.
James Stewart (3/3/99)