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Artist The Awakening
Label Independent
Time 60:04 minutes/14 Tracks

Here's some South African goth for you, but don't be too surprised if it seems as though you've heard it before. Anybody who's ever heard of Dead Artist Syndrome or Type O Negative will be doing double takes throughout the whole album. This group has all of the abilities that gave those groups their notoriety and then some. The dark brooding voice, the slow yet commanding beats, and the overall gothic undertones will capture the dark side of your force and then remind at the same time that there is no dark side.

Ashton Nyte wrote all the songs except for "Safety Dance" and keeps the lyrics on a Christian level. I really like this guy's songwriting as he shows his desire to be a Christian songwriter. He even includes a little footnote in one of the songs that says, "This is not a rock song." I have a hard time telling if his voice is dripping with sarcasm or sincerity. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

The only downside to the album is that it can be a little too goth for my tastes but for those of you with fangs it would feel just right. My dark side was limited to anything by Oglivie, Al J, or T Reznor, before I became a Christian, so I had a little adjusting to do with this record. But after giving it a little time and a few listens I came to enjoy it. I think you might too.

Justin Jones 11/5/99


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