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n a Different Light
Artist: Avalon
Label: Sparrow
Length: 11tracks
Avalon has released yet another batch of songs that highlight their talent at making uplifting pop music with a mild dance beat. This album varies little from their previous releases, but Iím sure fans wonít mind just getting 50 more minutes of Avalon, Avalon, and more Avalon. They still play that appealing style of dance/pop that only they can do. From just reading their acknowledgments, you can have no doubt about the purpose of their music. In a Different Light is full of encouragement for Christians and praise for God. Songs like "In a Different Light" and "Only for the Weak" take a deeper look at some of the basics of the gospel. "Canít live a day" speaks of how important Jesus is to our lives. Some of the best songs on here are the tender worship songs like "Iím Speechless," "Let Your Love" and "In Not of." "Hide My Soul" in a strange way always reminds me of the Echoing Green song "Hide." It has the same sense of mystery about it. Over all, Iíd say this is a very good album coming from this hugely talented group. Definitely worth checking out if youíre into contemporary pop music.

Eric Daams 10/15/99


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